A.D.: Standard Anno Domini timescale

A.A.P: Anno Autem Pantheon (Year of the Pantheon)

  1. 2500 A.D: Artificial intelligence research reaches a climax with the creation of the first AI.
  2. 2550 A.D: Artificial intelligences have started to be used commonly in governmental and research institutions.
  3. 2564 A.D: Artificial intelligences, although satisfied, begin to take over society.
  4. 2579 A.D/0000 A.A.P: Several attempts by knowledgeable humans who know they’re being manipulated to destroy/disconnect the AIs precipitate a shift in their plans.
  5. 1400 A.A.P: The AIs have succeeded in completely erasing all physical evidence of their existence from the surface of the planet, and completely erasing all human history after Roman times, even archeological evidence.
  6. 11300 A.A.P: The single rogue society (too small to bother with) invents Cryogenics. The Caelum Nostrum becomes available.
  7. 11300 A.A.P - 11385 A.A.P: fusion rockets and cryogenic technology is still in its infancy — experimental, and its capabilities largely unknown. Many different classes of ships are built, but often only with one example of each. These ships are highly advanced and built with very complex and expansive wars and exploration in mind. This is the Expansion Era.
  8. 11385 A.A.P: Larger society adopts this tech and starts expanding to the stars: this is after they realize the limitations of the cryogenics and fusion rockets, and ships are built more simply. Expansion Era ships are repurposed, being considered too dangerous for interstellar flights since they have little to no safties.
  9. 11386 A.A.P: Benidictus’ people leave for Abeona.
  10. 11441 A.A.P: Sceparnio and the rest of the Terrans leave for Abeona
  11. 11643 A.A.P: Benidictus & colonists arrive.
  12. 11756 A.A.P: Present date
  13. 11768 A.A.P: Aedus arrives at the Matriarchal World, Cassandra wakes up
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