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Planet Data
Planet Distance from Terra Distance from Abeona Info
Numerius X 5.82 light years 16.193 light years A rogue technologically advanced planet, highly libral and technocratically organized.
Abeona 20.56 light years 0 light years A tidally locked planet orbiting a red dwarf, at the edge of the Caelum Nostrum, and the setting for the first half(ish) of the Children of Abeona. (likely Gliese 581c or d). It is 4.367 light years inside the edge of Caelum Nostrum, but there are no more planets within that total radius (Abeona's distance from Terra + 12 years of travel) that are habitable.
Terra 0 light years 20.56 light years The homeworld. Highly built up, huge buildings, statues and coliseums rising above mountains. Also secretly the home of the Pantheon.
Matrus IV 20.56 light years 4.367 light years One of the Matriarchal Worlds (see plot outline) — unnamed as of yet